Sasha Woolley


This series is an ongoing project that began in late 2005. It is a collection of portraits that intimately documents the space between the public and private life of performers that exist on the cusp of society. These images challenge the preconceived ideas that surround the sub-cultural ‘identity’ of the individuals. Visual creation and expression is part of the very essence of their presentation, transforming the everyday person into a unique caricature.

Captured almost in character, in costume, taking that last breath before going on, yet they are at home, grounded by the reality of the domestic. The portraits are layered with clues about who these people are or who they could be, allowing the personal space of the subjects to reveal as much about their true identity as the individuals themselves.

Private spaces and moments made public: these photographs blur the lines between telling stories and truth, pushing the audience to a place far beyond back stage.


SASHA WOOLLEY lives and works in Sydney, Australia.  Her work has appeared in a multitude of exhibitions and photographic festivals and her self-initiated and commissioned projects have been published widely.

View more of her work at her website.