Michael Corridore


I began taking pictures at my daughter’s birthday parties. The moments that were being played out by all the kids were quite sporadic and random, the other worlds that seemed to exist in those moments were quite leftfield and non linear at least in thought. The moments have become fictionalized accounts through capturing events at the wrong time, which enhanced the sense of a loss of connection with real events.

The indecisive moment or unreliable documentary nature of photography appeals to my visual sense, which continues to lead me down a path of searching for fiction captured within real moments. This approach seems to convey or re-interpret what I am seeing.

This work will continue to develop and change along with the growing maturity of the kids no doubt. It’s a slow process, at least for me. I can’t force or direct these events and moments as it strangely changes the course of the pictures should they be forced.


MICHAEL CORRIDORE started his career in 1989, after graduating with a Diploma in Photography at the Photography Studies College, Melbourne, Australia. Since this time, he has pursued ongoing personal photographic projects, supporting this work through commercial commissions from many of the leading advertising agencies throughout Asia-Pacific and the USA.

Recognised both as an artist and as a leading commercial photographer, Michael’s work is characterized by its artistic merit and craftsmanship. His photographs have received international acclaim and in recent years, he has achieved a number of career highlights.

In 2008 his landscape series ‘Roadworks’, was runner up for the book-publishing prize Photography.Book.Now. That same year, his photographic series ‘Angry Black Snake’ was screened at the New York Photo Festival. He received an honourable mention in the Fine Art Series at the 2008 New York Photo Awards and in 2009 he received the Aperture Foundation’s Portfolio Prize for the same work.

In the commercial arena, Michael has received equal acclaim. He has been listed in the American Photography and Graphis Photo annuals for the past three years and his work can be seen in the latest Lurzer’s Archive 200 Best Photographers and the 2010 Top 200 book.

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