Maya Newell


What do photographs of ex-lovers mean to us?

This is a photographic study of the moment in which a person feels the need to look at a photograph of their ex-lover.

One role of film and ten broken hearts tell it like it is.



Maya is a young Australian filmmaker/photographer working primarily in documentary storytelling. She has directed a number of short films, most recently TWO, which premiered at Slamdance Film Festival and also won Best New Documentary Talent at AIDC 2011. In photography, she is largely interested making photo-film as it merges her two favourite mediums. Maya has been a part of the Cross Projections community for a number of years where she produced ‘Double Life’ and ‘Frames and Lovers’, which also screened at Head On festival 2012.

Maya is currently working on a documentary GAYBY BABY about the experiences of kids growing up in same-sex families. She is currently crowdfunding to raise money to make the film. Please visit to find out more and learn how you can be a part of making it.