Kelly Hussey-Smith & Alan Hill


Given the complexity of the modern economy, and the insularity of city life, many of us are becoming blind to the reality of what lies beyond the city limits. The Central Queensland Project is a photographic exploration of a little heard from, but economically powerful region.

Initially drawn to the unique visual characteristics of the area: cane fields, minescapes, impeccable suburban lawns, and the vastness of the land, the authors soon became aware of a transition taking place. As always, there is a generational change, but is there also an ideological one?


KELLY HUSSEY-SMITH and ALAN HILL are Brisbane-based photographic practitioners who work both independently and collaboratively, seeking to tell stories of the human experience.

Kelly Hussey-Smith is a documentary practitioner interested in sharing human experiences through photography and storytelling. She is currently undertaking post-graduate study at the Queensland College of Art, where she also teaches. Her documentary work has been exhibited nationally and internationally.

Alan Hill is a documentary photographer and lecturer at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University in Brisbane. He is a former editor of the Australian PhotoJournalist magazine and involved in establishing Griffith’s Centre for Documentary Practice. His photographic interests include examining the spaces we create, occupy and interact with in our daily lives, as well as the potential of multimedia documentary storytelling.

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