Sam Harris


2008 – 2011

Postcards from Home revolves around my domestic life and especially focuses on my two daughters Uma & Yali growing up. After several nomadic years, we migrated to Australia in 2008. It was with the restrictions of our migration process (keeping me from professional photography and travel) that home life became my only consistent opportunity to photograph and the project was born.

As I witness my daughters’ transformation in what feels like the briefest of moments, I’m compelled to preserve something of our time living together.


SAM HARRIS was born and raised in the suburbs of south London, and is a self-taught photographer. In his late teens he made a home darkroom that he practically lived out of for several years, experimenting nightly whilst listening to records. These passions led him to start freelancing in the London music industry of the early 90s, making album sleeve art. Sam went on to also shoot editorial portraits and features for magazines such as The Sunday Times Magazine, Esquire, Dazed & Confused and Raygun.

In 2002 Harris felt the need to re-evaluate his lifestyle and photographic direction. Together with his wife and small daughter he left London and traveled slowly for several years. During this period Sam began the process of turning his camera inward. In 2008, Sam and his family settled in the forests of Western Australia. He now shoots long-term projects, commissions and teaches photography.