Aechath Adam


Rural Cambodia: Deep within the belly of the night the senses slow down, touch and sound become as useless as sight. The musty smells of burning wood and manure threaten to asphyxiate. Over here electricity and batteries are cultural artifacts of the modern world. The dilemma of living inbetween the old and new world is clear, like a toxic meme sanctioned within nature’s unconditional love. Eyeballs twinkle, open and disappear over and inside the marshland. Cycling into the city to earn a living by day, most activity occurs in the bush by nightfall. In the distance under a crimson sky speckled with yellow diamonds, men hunt cobras and children catch frogs.  The women come out to barbeque tiny creatures of the night and offer palm juice in plastic cups. Its best not to over stay a welcome invitation here and quietly slip into the deafening wails of crickets in the void ahead.


AECHATH ADAM is a documentary photographer from the tiny islands of the Maldives. Cultivating both personal and professional curiosities in photography, she aims to examine the complexities of the human terrain in transient states that parallel the landscape of her own reality. Combining cross-media practices, her work is an attempt to understand the gap between the situations we are in and the ones we desire. Currently her work focuses on perceived identities in climates of adversity. Aechath holds a Master’s Degree in Documentary Photography and a Bachelors Degree in Creative Advertising Design