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William Yang: China

In his latest show, China, photographer-storyteller William Yang returns to a motherland he never knew, the Australian-born Chinese a stranger in his homeland.

Yang takes us from the streets of Beijing, where electronics superstores jostle with echoes of the Cultural Revolution and the Ming Dynasty, to the sacred mountain Huang Shan, a must-climb for every Chinese pilgrim-tourist; from a wild night in a Mongolian herdsman’s hut, to the apartments of ordinary Chinese, a few months after the Tiannamen incident.

Yang’s wryly sensitive perspective, his eye for detail, and his arresting images come together with Nicholas Ng’s haunting live score for the erhu (Chinese violin) and pipa (Chinese lute), in an unforgettable theatrical experience.


Erica McDonald: The Dark Light of this Nothing

via Erica McDonald and DEVELOP Tube:

 2008 – 2011

Though the Park Slope area of Brooklyn, New York is no stranger to change, the long term residents who have sustained the neighborhood for generations are now in an increasing minority. The “old guard” is losing their sense of community. This piece is meant as a tribute to the neighborhood’s long term residents.

The title of this body comes from the words of the philosopher Derrida that reflect on the experience of the loss of the Other, or the absence of “what I myself am not”.

“Upon the death of the other we are given to memory, and thus to interiorization, since the other, outside us, is now nothing. And with the dark light of this nothing, we learn that the other resists the closure of our interiorizing memory.”

This project is both a multimedia piece, with words from the residents, as well as a series of still images, available to be published as a book.