Tamara Voninski


Tasmania in summer is an island of lingering twilight due to its geographic position below the 40th parallel in Australia. The summer time daylight hours are the longest anywhere in Australia with 15.2 hours of daylight at the Summer Solstice.

The light stretches and fades from intense rays to soft whispers with Australia’s longest summer days.  Island whispers reverberate through forests, waves and the laughter of youth as Tasmania lingers in the light outdoors. Winter means hibernation and extreme cold. Lingering days are fading with each day of the season.


TAMARA VONINSKI recently bought an old caravan to travel and explore Australia following a redundancy from the media where she worked as a photographer for magazines and newspapers.  A life in flux, she journeyed to regroup and refocus in Tasmania. Far away from the hectic city life that had become the hamster wheel of existence, the lingering days of summer on the island reminded her of the long-lost days of her youth.  Lingering Days is the first photo essay from a series of projects on the road in the caravan Gypsy Poptop around Australia.

Tamara Voninski is a founding member of the Australian photo collective Oculi. Her photographic projects have received multiple international awards and residencies including: International Pictures of the Year Awards, AGNSW residency at Cite Internationale des Arts and Alexia Foundation Photography for World Peace grant.

Follow Tamara’s journey around Australia via her blog.